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American Rebel

Winston Gold Corp
919 Notre Dame Avenue
Suite 201
Winnipeg, MB R3E 0M8
Phone: +972-4-6546881

Company Overview

Winston Gold (OTCQB: WGMCF) (CSE: WGC) is a junior mining company focused on advancing high-grade, low cost mining opportunities into production. Towards that end, the Corporation has acquired an under-explored and under-exploited gold/silver mining opportunity, being the Winston Gold project near Helena, Montana.

Company Statistics

Country of Incorporation: Canada
Price (8/01/18): $0.0498
Shares Outstanding: 103,546,123
Market Cap: $5,119,247
Source:, Yahoo Finance &

Murray Nye
CEO and Director

Murray served in the capacity of President/CEO of RX Exploration. Murray’s communication skills and business acumen were an asset in the formation of key relationships within the financial community which enhanced the advancement of RX Exploration within North America and Europe. Murray along with Mike Gunsinger were responsible for acquiring, permitting and hiring key personnel to explore and develop the Drumlummon Mine. The market cap increased from $1.5 million to approx. $80 million after the company successfully put the historic mine into pilot production. The team accomplished this while coming on time and on budget.

Max Polinsky
President, CFO and Director

Max has a proven track record, having served RX Exploration, an $80 million-dollar market cap company as both CFO and Director. Max is largely credited in bringing the historic Drumlummon Mine back in to profitable production following its nearly 100-year departure from use. His operational experience has been an integral component to the formation of both RX Exploration and Winston Gold Corp. Max has a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree from the University of Manitoba majoring in Finance.

David Whiteley - Mine Superintendent
Dave has been in the Mining Industry for over thirty years. He has spent the last several years working as the Mine Superintendent for Winston Gold Corp., the Butte Highlands and the Drumlummon Gold Mine in Montana. Dave has been involved in the construction and development of both Surface and Underground Mining Projects as well as Civil Engineering Projects. He started as a Laborer and worked his way all the way to Project Manager working at companies such as Stillwater Mining and Barrick Mining. He has extensive experience in the construction, development, production, processing and milling of High Grade Gold Mines as well as underground narrow vein mining, which is invaluable. He also owns and operates Rockhead Consulting, a self-proprietor company.

Joseph Carrabba - Strategic Advisor
Mr. Carrabba has extensive management and operational experience in the resource industry. He was formerly the Chairman, President and CEO of Cliffs Natural Resources Inc and has also served as President and CEO of Diavik Daimond Mines. Mr. Carrabba spent much of his career working for multinational mining operations in North America, Australia, Latin America and Asia. His wide range of experience also includes working on Health and Safety and Environmental and Social Responsibility committees. He is currently the Chair of Newmont’s Safety and Sustainability Committee and a member of the Compensation Committees of Aecon and Timken Steel.

Stan Stewin -Director
Mr. Stewin is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba (2007 to present) and obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) – University of Manitoba. He has over 30 years’ experience in the agricultural industry. Mr. Stewin is currently Head of Audits at the Canadian Grain Commission located in Winnipeg, Manitoba (from 2007 to present) and is managing a staff of four professionals. Mr. Stewin has extensive experience in restructuring and re-organizing departments /organizations involving business analysis, developing business plans, leading negotiations and community consultations.

Ben Porterfield - Director
(M.Sc. University of Arizona). Ben is a consultant geologist who has worked in mineral exploration for 30 years. He discovered the Northern Belle deposit in Nevada, the Stone Cabin deposit in Idaho, and the Terra deposit in Alaska, while working for Nerco Minerals and Kennecott Exploration. He previously worked with the management team at the Drumlum- mon Mine where he played a critical role in the development of the mine.

Al Fabbro - Director
Al has over 30 years of experience in both the finance and mining industries. From 1984 to 1990, Al headed the retail trading department of Yorkton Securities, followed by six years with Yorkton’s Natral Resources Group. After working for 10 years as an investment advisor with Canaccord Capital, specializing in the natural resource sector, Al left to become lead director of Roxgold Inc.

Investment Catalysts

  • - Located in a friendly and historic mining district
  • - Drilling continues to increase high grade gold ounces
  • - Existing veins open at depth and on strike in both directions
  • - New high-grade veins being discovered
  • - Existing Historic High-Grade Asset that has only been partially mined
  • - Provides potential for low-cost, small-scale, but high-grade, mining operation
  • - Project has access to excellent infrastructure and skilled labor
  • - Simple permitting path via SMES
  • - Cost Effective Toll Mining opportunity via a Custom Mill
American Rebel
American Rebel

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