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American Rebel

American Rebel
718 Thompson Lane
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Nashville, TN 37204
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Company Overview

American Rebel (OTCQB: AREB) was founded by Charles A. “Andy” Ross as America’s Patriotic Brand. Andy has previously founded Digital Ally, Inc. (Nasdaq: DGLY) and Ross Archery. American Rebel’s initial product offering is its line of concealed carry products, which were launched at the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting. “There’s a growing need to know how to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors or even a room full of total strangers,” says American Rebel’s CEO Andy Ross. “That need is in the forethought of every product we design.” For more information on American Rebel, go to

American Rebel Holdings, Inc. (OTC: AREB) Contracts with Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC to Provide Investor Relations Services

American Rebel Holdings, Inc. (OTC: AREB), announced that the company has entered into a 12-month contract with Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC (EMC). EMC specializes in helping small and midcap companies gain exposure with individual investors.

Andy Ross, CEO of American Rebel Holdings, Inc., remarked, “We are eager to engage with EMC to help us communicate our message as well as keep our shareholders well informed of our advancements. EMC attended our product launch at the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting and they witnessed the excitement around our brand first-hand.”

James S. Painter III, President of EMC, stated, "We are proud to be representing American Rebel Holdings (OTC: AREB). We have reviewed the Company and have been very impressed with management and the business strategy. We see a bright future and a large number of potential opportunities in the concealed carry and protection product markets."

About Emerging Markets Consulting LLC

Based in Clermont, Florida with an office in NY, NY, Emerging Markets Consulting brings over 40 years combined experience in the Investor Relations industry. Emerging Markets Consulting is an international investor relations firm with affiliates around the world. We are relationship driven and results oriented. Our goal is to select the right clients and to concentrate our resources and efforts to serve a limited number of high quality clients. Emerging Markets Consulting can be visited on the web at

About American Rebel

American Rebel (OTC: AREB) was founded by Charles A. “Andy” Ross as America’s Patriotic Brand. Andy has previously founded Digital Ally, Inc. (Nasdaq: DGLY) and Ross Archery. American Rebel’s initial product offering is its line of concealed carry products, which launched at the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting. “There’s a growing need to know how to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors or even a room full of total strangers,” says American Rebel’s CEO Andy Ross. “That need is in the forethought of every product we design.” For more information on American Rebel, go to

American Rebel’s Forward-Looking Safe Harbor

Statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, as amended: with the exception of the historical information contained in this release, the matters described herein contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that may individually or mutually impact the matters herein described for a variety of reasons that are outside the control of the Company, including, but not limited to, projected revenues from the sales of its products through its other on-line channels, estimated market for its products, and statements about achieving its other development, growth, commercialization, financial and staffing objectives. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements as actual results could differ materially from the forward- looking statements contained herein. Readers are urged to read the risk factors set forth in the Company's most recent filing on Form S-1, annual report on Form 10-K, subsequent quarterly reports filed on Form 10-Q and other filings made with the SEC. Copies of these reports are available from the SEC's website or without charge from the Company.

Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC
James S. Painter III
American Rebel Holdings, Inc.

Company Statistics

State of Incorporation: Nevada
Price (4/11/18): $1.75
Shares Outstanding: 23.671M
Market Cap: $41.424M
Source:, Yahoo Finance &

Charles A. “Andy” Ross, Jr.
Andy Ross, founder and CEO of American Rebel, inherited his entrepreneurial spirit from his father Bud Ross, founder of the legendary Kustom Electronics, Ross Pedals, Birdview Satellites and others. Andy founded Digital Ally, a NASDAQ-trading electronics and security company, as well as Ross Archery, which was the world’s fastest growing bow company.

For American Rebel, Andy built the marketing foundation on television with his innovative and entertaining TV Show, Maximum Archery, which after 10 seasons evolved into American Rebel TV. Andy has released 3 CDs and five singles to Country Radio stations, receiving thousands of airings of his music. Andy’s exposure on television and on the radio airwaves provides a significant marketing and publicity reach for the American Rebel brand. Andy’s song “Cold Dead Hand” inspired Danny “the Count” Koker, host of the History Channel’s top-rated TV show, Counting Cars, to design the 2nd Amendment Muscle Car and feature the build and presentation to Andy on the “Rocked and Loaded” episode. This show has been viewed over three million times.

Andy has combined his love for this great country, his pro-Constitution stance and support of the 2nd Amendment, and TV Show appearances and his patriotic brand of country/rock to create the heart and soul of American Rebel.

Andy and the American Rebel team have engineered, designed, developed and manufactured a line of concealed carry products including backpacks, coats, hoodies, computer bags, handbags and other apparel. American Rebel has been granted patent protection for its innovative companion application and concealed carry functionality. The goal of producing the best quality, most initiative concealed carry products perfect for everyday use while keeping people concealed and safe and promoting responsible gun ownership is the driving force behind American Rebel – America’s Patriotic Brand. “There is a growing need to know how to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors or even a room full of total stranger,” says Andy. “That need is in the forethought of every product we design.”

Doug Grau
Doug Grau brings 35 years of business experience to American Rebel, including 15 years at Warner Bros. Records in Nashville, TN, developing the talents of Travis Tritt, Little Texas, David Ball, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White and others. Doug also produced the original Blue Collar Comedy Tour LIVE as well as the Statler Brothers Farewell Concert DVD and CD. Doug won a Country Music Association (CMA) award in 1994 as producer of the Album of the Year and he has also had several Grammy nominations. Doug also brings extensive experience in direct to consumer advertising and music publishing. Doug earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Belmont University in Nashville, TN in 1985. Doug has produced Andy’s three CDs and directs Andy’s promotion, marketing, and brand management efforts as well.

Jeff Robles & Associates
Jeff Robles & Associates (JRA) operates in 15 Western States and is known for their aggressive sales ability, strategic planning capabilities, and their mix of youth and experience. JRA will exclusively represent American Rebel products in their territory to introduce and service our products to their accounts. The establishment of this manufacturer’s rep agreement with JRA assures American Rebel products are aggressively launched in their territory. Led by President/CEO Jeff Robles’s nearly 30 years of experience and Senior VP Woody Wood’s 25 years of experience, JRA directs their team of 54 Field Associates and Tele-Marketing Support to position our brand top-of-mind with their accounts and the end consumer.

X-Large Freedom-Patriot Concealed Carry Backpack (available in 6 different colors, including camo) Large Freedom Concealed Carry Backpack (available in five different colors with an optional ballistic panel insert) Medium Freedom Concealed Carry Backpack (available in five different colors, including camo) Small Freedom Concealed Carry Backpack (available in five different colors) Defender Concealed Carry Coat (available in five different sizes and two color options) Cartwright Concealed Carry Coat (available in five different sizes and two different colors)

Lightweight Concealed Carry Jackets and Hoodies Women’s Concealed Carry Coat, Purses and Handbags Executive line of products designed for businessmen and women Patriot line of tactical backpacks and duffel bag Outdoor line of backpacks for outdoor activities Student’s Pro Pack line of backpacks and book bags that incorporates our ballistic shield insert for classroom safety.

Investment Catalysts

  • - Extensive high-quality database primarily focused on our core area of operation.
  • - Existing and growing expertise in our focused areas of operation.
  • - Experienced Management and Significant Expertise.
  • - Exceptional reception at recent trade shows such as The SHOT Show, NRA Carry Guard Expo and the NRA Annual Meeting.
  • - Multiple sources of manufacturing available to meet growing demand for products.
  • - High quality products dedicated to personal protection in this ever-growing area of concern. (see below one of the concealed carry backpacks and one of the jackets designed for concealed carry as well)

American Rebel
American Rebel

Recent News

  • - OTC Markets Group Welcomes New OTCQB Companies – March 14
American Rebel
American Rebel


What is the Nature of the Information We Distribute?

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Nature of the Information

We generally only provide favorable information and no negative information; thus, the Information is incomplete and we urge you to avail yourself of all reliable sources of information, including, and Google.

Due Diligence?

We conduct no due diligence regarding the Information.

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Beware of Revenue Projections

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Statements contained in the Information that are not historical facts are forward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties and may be identified using terminology such as "believes", "expects", "may", ""will", or "should"", or "anticipates". Such statements should be read as being applicable to all related forward looking statements wherever they appear in any of the Information. The actual results of a Profiled Company's operations, financial condition or other aspects of its business could differ materially from those discussed in the Information.

No Warranties

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Conduct an In-Depth Investigation

You should conduct an in-depth investigation of the Profiled Company and its securities from the above or any other credible available sources, especially because we only present positive information and limited specific information which is an insufficient basis to invest in any stock, yet alone a penny stock; accordingly, you should proceed with an investigation to determine, among other things, information pertaining to the issuer's financial condition, operations, business model, and risks involved in the issuer's business.

Compensation Disclosure

Section 17(b) of the Securities Act of 1933 requires that any person that uses the mails to publish, give publicity to, or circulate any publication or communication that describes a security in return for consideration received or to be received directly or indirectly from an issuer, underwriter, or dealer, must fully disclose the type of consideration (i.e. cash, free trading stock, restricted stock, stock options, stock warrants) and the specific amount of the consideration. In connection therewith, EMC has received the following compensation and/or has an agreement to receive in the future certain compensation, as described below.

EMC has been paid 500,000 shares from American Rebel.

EMC has been paid 300,000 shares from PV Nanocell.

EMC has been paid 2,000,000 shares from Pussiant Industries (PSSS).

EMC has been paid 1,100,000 shares from Winston Gold Corp.

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