International Clients

EMC has relationships to obtain exposure for clients on an international basis. This is accomplished using relationships with brokers, institutions and using the internet. In addition, we use Investors Business Daily AND Barron’s to feature clients. If appropriate, we can help arrange listings on exchanges in other countries and subcontract with IR companies in those countries.

EMC sees the value of the AIM (alternative investment market) with Sarbanes Oaxley driving small companies away from the US capital markets. EMC has relationships with London based investment firms that can facilitate listings on the AIM.

EMC is focused on increasing the investment knowledge of its members to help them reach the ranks of Wall Street’s elite.

In addition to all the investments tools made available for members, the Savant also presents featured profiles on certain micro, small and mid-cap companies that it feels are undervalued/under-followed. The comprehensive profiles are featured on its website and members are kept abreast on all new developments through regular email updates.

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